Shared Groups

Release notes

This page lists the release notes from the production versions of Shared Groups. Shared Groups release notes are specific to each version of the application. Select your version from the list below to see the release notes for it.

Release Notes

June 23rd 2015, V5.55

  • Internal patch applied for GData API as a workaround for another issue that leads to expired access tokens

May 29th 2015, V5.54

  • Internal patch applied for GData API as a workaround for an issue in the API

December 11th 2015, V5.53

  • Using custom protocol types in IM field caused BAD_REQUEST error at Google's end due to an issue in the API

September 30th 2015, V5.52

  • Deletion of certain fields like birthday did not properly propagate to other users

August 10th 2015, V5.51

  • Workaround for OAuth2 issue. Instead of invalidating tokens, we now force a retry when Google servers return an internal error

May 10th 2015, V5.5

  • Migration to new OAuth2 API. Make sure to migrate your enterprise installation from the market using the Migrate button

December 5th 2013, V5.40

  • Bugfix: Sharing new groups did not work due to a new bug introduced with V5.39, fixed

December 3rd 2013, V5.39

  • Photo sync speed has been improved, resource consumption reduced
  • Sharing a group that has already been shared by someone else now gives a proper error message
  • More use visible log entries

December 1st 2013, V5.38

  • Feature: Photo sync can be disabled to avoid contact photo overrides. This will also reduce resource consumption on Google App Engine
  • Feature: More user visible log entries to provide better feedback when experiencing any issues
  • Feature: Dedicated log entries for restore/revert operations when user is in read-only mode

November 28th 2013, V5.37

  • Bugfix: The group count sometimes included deleted contacts so it was not matching the real number of contacts in the group

August 11th 2013, V5.36

  • Bugfix: The new release will force a fresh sync to load the local group settings for all accounts

August 11th 2013, V5.35

  • Bugfix: Photo sync has been enabled again

August 8th 2013, V5.34

  • Bugfix: Shared contacts will now keep the local groups (like My Contacts) when getting updated

July 4th 2013, V5.33

  • New feature: You will find a log in the admin tab providing realtime information about sync progress and problems

July 1st 2013, V5.32

  • Bugfix: User quota should not be reached, even when dealing with large number of contacts
  • Sync speed improved for large number of contacts

May 3rd 2013, V5.31

  • Bugfix: Group picker now properly supports system groups
  • Bugfix: When sharing new groups all contacts get synced properly. In previous versions only contacts that have not been shared before have been synced correctly.

March 20th 2013, V5.3

  • New User Interface
  • You can share multiple groups at once
  • Add subscribers to multiple groups
  • Send out notifications for all subscribers at once
  • Accept invitations for multiple groups
  • Realtime-notifications when state changes

March 1st 2013, V5.22

  • Bugfix: Token invalidation improved

February 4th 2013, V5.21

  • Bugfix for new license handling

February 4th 2013, V5.20

  • New market integrated
  • Improved UI / Tooltips

July 11th 2012, V5.19

  • Recovery for apps running out of quota improved: Subscribers in distribution state will reset after a while

June 18th 2012, V5.18

  • Hotfix: When adding subscribers by email/pwd, the subscriber has not been added to the proper circle.

June 18th 2012, V5.17

  • Circle management and migration improved/fixed

June 15th 2012, V5.16

  • Improved syncing when running on HR datastore
  • Reduced resource consumption for large multi-domain environments

May 3rd 2012, V5.15

  • Hotfix: Fixed the sync issues related to the "No authentication header" issue

April 27 2012, V5.14

  • Hotfix: Google again changed their platform without warning. The new version should fix the "No authentication header" issue.

November 27 2011, V5.13

  • New feature: You can now specify a custom page where new subscribers get redirected to when accepting an invitation. You can for example redirect your users to the Google contacts manager after accepting an invitation instead of the Shared Groups application.

October 12 2011, V5.12

  • Hotfix: Two bugs introduced with the latest release have been fixed:
  • All groups showed up twice
  • Errors when deleting groups or changing permissions

October 11 2011, V5.11

  • Optimized App Engine resource usage In preparation for the upcoming GAE pricing changes we are working hard to reduce the resources consumed. This is our first release with resource consumption optimized for the new pricing scheme.
  • New feature: Shared groups can now have multiple owners. Use the edit dialog to add or remove owners. This will also allow you easily to move address books from one user to another.
  • Bugfix: Users subscribing to tons of groups can now see all of them as we allow to scrolling in the list on the right-hand side.

August 3 2011, V5.10

  • Bugfix: Tokens getting invalid should be reduced

July 11 2011, V5.09

  • Bugfix: When deleting address books the garbage collection for each subscriber has not been triggered properly.
  • More logs to find the new "tokens invalid" bug. This bug seems to be introduced by Google+ but I've no clue yet what exactly they changed.

June 29 2011, V5.08

  • New feature: The app shows subscribers with expired security tokens to the owner of an address book. By clicking on the icon an email can be sent out containing instructions how to renew the token.
  • Bugfix: Welcome dialog could cause exception.

June 21 2011, V5.07

  • Created new welcome dialog with guidelines for getting started and TOS.
  • Bugfix: Disabling the sync and reloading the app caused wrong sync status display.

June 1 2011, V5.06

  • Bugfix: Sending invitation emails could lead to "Unauthorized Sender" exception when using accounts with mixed upper- and lowercase emails.
  • Bugfix: Removing notes from a contact has not been shared properly.
  • Improved photo sync should reduce sync CPU cycles.

May 18 2011, V5.05

  • Bugfix: When non-admin users tried to invite subscribers, this caused a bunch of 500er errors.
  • Bugfix: Large custom installations with more than 1000 subscribers supported.
  • New feature: A new permission mode "Edit only" will allow subscribers to edit shared contacts but not to delete them. The old permission "Can edit" has been renamed to "Edit and delete"

Apr 26 2011, V5.04

  • Bugfix: A severe bug has been introduced with V5 that could result in removing shared contacts from private groups.
  • Visible change: A timer on will display the current sync state and the time until the next sync will run.

Apr 20 2011, V5.03

  • Sync can now be forced from Administration tab in the shared groups application.
  • Garbage collection can now be forced from Administration tab in the shared groups application. Garbage collection will remove all references in the datastore that are no longer used. If you want to start from scratch with your app, remove all address books and run the garbage collection to wipe your data.
  • Invalid security tokens will now cause a message in the app, asking you to refresh the browser page.

Apr 16 2011, V5.02

  • Bugfix: Switching from slow to fast synchronization could lead to no sync at all.
  • Bugfix: When security tokens expire, users will have to grant access to contacts data when logging in the next time.

Apr 9 2011, V5.01

  • More synchronization times available to reduce CPU consumption.
  • Bugfix: Adding subscribers by email / password could lead to broken synchronization. Fixed.

Mar 10 2011, V5.0

  • Public trial version of V5 is online:
  • The application has been renamed to "Shared Groups" to avoid confusion with Google's domain shared contacts feature.
  • Leverages the floreysoft AppCore to provide better Google Apps integration.
  • New and improved user interface.
  • The "Add to my contacts" option can now be specified on a per group basis.
  • Sync frequency and management options can be managed from within the application, no need to redeploy the application
  • Installable from Google Marketplace, this will add "Shared Groups" to the universal navigation menu.
  • "Personal edition" available, no dedicated installation required.
  • Integrated into new floreysoft Market.

Jul 1 2010, V4.9993

  • Hotfix: We have uploaded an incomplete version (4.9992) that killed the sync completely!
    Please upgrade to the latest version if you have installed the incomplete version.

Jun 29 2010, V4.9992

  • Performance improvements.
  • User subscribed to multiple address books could cause duplicate contact collections under certain circumstances and cause unnecessary high CPU load. Fixed.
  • "SC" used as internal prefix.
  • We have used "SC" as internal identifier for shared system groups and this could break syncing of address books starting with "SC". We have changed the prefix to something different that will most likely not be used in address book names.

Jun 23 2010, V4.9991

  • Stability improvements, debug information aded.
  • Due to massive problems at Google a lot of shared contacts operations timed out and caused strange erros.
  • This could lead to different number of contacts for different subscribers.
  • We have added some more debug info and some minor tweaks to be able to track down the problem some day in the future .

Jun 9 2010, V4.999

  • Overall stability improvements.
  • Due to high datastore latency at Google (see a lot of shared contacts operations timed out and caused strange erros.
  • This could lead to different problems up to deletion of shared contacts.
  • The overall error recovery and timeout handling has been improved to support service even when Google datastore operations are extremely slow.

Mar 18 2010, V4.998

  • Bugfix: When adding subscribers by email / password you've been experiencing some "Call failed on server" messages as Google changed their contact server behavior without waring.
  • In this case you'll now get a captcha-dialog to verify that you are not evil ;-)

Mar 1 2010, V4.997

  • Bugfix: Accounts with invalid tokens could lead to no sync at all. Bug was introduced with profiles feature. Hopefully fixed ;-)

Feb 25 2010, V4.996

  • Bugfix: Accounts with invalid tokens could lead to NullPointerException. Bug was introduced with profiles feature. Fixed.

Feb 20 2010, V4.995

  • Bugfix: When removing shared contacts from domain shared contact group so that the contact has not been member of any group the content has not been removed from the domain shared contacts. Fixed.
  • New feature: Manage your domain user profiles using our shared contacts app!

If you want to edit the profiles of your domain users, please perform the following steps:
- Create a new address book (e.g. User profiles)
- Invite "profiles@yourdomain" to this address book (e.g.
- Wait until the next sync run has complete and reload your contact manager, all user profiles will appear as contacts in the new group
- Edit the contacts and the changes will get synced back to your user profiles
- If other domain users search for the user in their contact manager, they will get the updated info
- Only invite people to the address book that shall be able to edit the profile data
- If you add new users to your domain, you'll have to click on the reset-link for the profiles@yourdomain subscriber to load the new profiles

Feb 18 2010, V4.994

  • Bugfix: When removing shared contacts from shared group so that the contact has not been member of any group the content has not been removed from the shared group. Fixed.
  • New feature: Renaming address books allows to rename shared groups in all subscribers contact manager.
  • New feature: When removing address books or subscribers a new option dialog will let you remove associated groups from the contact manager.
  • Improved address book count will instantly update the number of contacts in shared address books after syncing.

Jan 28 2010, V4.993

  • Bugfix: Video link always pointed to default video, even if left blank.
  • Bugfix: When removing shared contacts from shared group so that the contact has not been member of any group the content has been deleted. Now the contact remains in the list of contacts.
  • Bugfix: Shared contacts in multiple shared groups have not been treated correctly when deleting/adding from the shared groups in a certain order.

Jan 21 2010, V4.992

  • Default Help-link now refers to the troubleshooting page on our new product homepage.
  • Bugfix: When removing shared contacts from shared group so that the contact has not been member of any group the content has been deleted. Now the contact remains in the list of contacts of the person removing the contact from the group.
  • Bugfix: Clearing app engine cache at begin of sync phase to avoid strange caching problems.

Jan 19 2010, V4.991

  • Bugfix: When logging in with non-admin account and management restricted to "adminonly", the new layout was broken.
  • Bugfix: Removing contact notes was not distributed properly.

Jan 10 2010, V4.99

  • Bug fix: Deleted shared groups will be ignored.
  • Spanish localization (thanks to Hermann Schirmacher).
  • New layout.
  • "Headless" layout mode to be able to embed the app into an iframe.
  • Link to contact manager added when running in Google Apps domain.
  • Help-Video has been moved to a popup.

Jan 6 2010, V4.987

  • Bug fix: Permission system could cause NPE, fixed.
  • Italian localization updated (thanks to Luca Speranza).

Dec 29 2009, V4.986

  • Parallel contact sync is now available in all editions and is activated by default.
  • Photo sharing is now available in all editions and is activated by default.
  • If you experience any problems syncing contacts that do have photos, please post your findings to this group.

Dec 27 2009, V4.985

  • Easy integration with Google domain shared contacts has been added.

If you are running Google Apps Premier Edition with many domain users you may want to use our shared contacts application to populate your domain shared contacts. When sharing contacts using our shared contacts application all contacts will get physically copied to all domain users. When using the Google domain shared contacts you'll only have to copy the shared contacts once and Google will populate the contacts in the background. To use this new feature .

- go to you Google Apps dashboard, go to "Users and groups" -> "Settings" and enable contact sharing
- create an address book in your shared contacts application
- add your domain name as subscriber.

If you domain is "" login with your domain account (e.g., create an address book (e.g. shared domain contacts) and add "" as a subscriber. Whenever you add contacts to this group in your contact manager they will get distributed to the Google domain contacts list. You can also remove contacts from the group to remove them from the domain contacts. You can edit the contact and the changes will also get distributed. Please note that it will take up to 24 hours until the shared domain contacts will be available to all domain users. All modifications and deletions will also take that long to get distributed.

Your domain users will not see the contacts in their contact manager until they search for a specific contact. The shared domain contacts will also be available in email autocompletion. Please note that you domain users will not be able to change the shared domain contacts, they will only be displayed. If you want give of your users the permission to also add/edit/delete domain contacts, just add this user to the shared address book. All subscribers of the shared address book have direct access to all shared domain contacts.

Dec 25 2009, V4.984

  • This release introduced the first incarnation of the simple permission feature.
  • You can toggle the permissions for each subscriber between "Read only" and "Can edit" by clicking on the link that displays the current permission for a subscriber.
  • All subscribers that are in "Read only" mode can still make changes to the contacts or delete shared contacts as we don't have a chance to change the Google contact manager behavior, but these changes will not be distributed to other subscribers.
  • When a subscriber in "Read only" mode will delete or modify a shared contact, these changes will be reverted on the next sync run: Deleted contacts will be recreated and modifications will be reverted.
  • Minor UI tweak: The info text on top of the page will only displayed for 15 seconds.
  • Minor UI tweak: The information if a subscriber already invited the invitation is only indicated by icon+tooltip instead of wasting a column for this redundant info.

Dec 22 2009, V4.983

  • Bugfix: When removing a subscriber that has been added by using email + password and removing this subscriber, the authentication token will now get updated once the subscriber logs in.
  • New feature: A subscriber can be reset using the UI instead of entering values into the datastore directly.

Nov 29 2009, V4.982

  • Bugfix: Website synchronization was broken when rel not set.
  • Split up data across multiple entities to reduce datastore timeouts.
  • Contact sync failed when sharing > 500 address books.
  • Limited trial period for free version to keep service up and running.

Oct 26 2009, V4.981

  • Bugfix: Website synchronization was broken.
  • Contacts are not added to "My Contacts" when shared by default on new installs. All existing installations have to switch off this feature by editing the installation in the subscription portal.

Oct 21 2009, V4.98

  • Bugfix: Error messages and invitation email has not been localized properly when running in german or italian locale.

Oct 20 2009, V4.97

  • Bugfix: Contacts did not get distributed properly when user has more than 25 groups in its contact manager. Fixed.

Oct 19 2009, V4.96

  • Feature added: Shared contacts can be added to the subscribers "My Contacts" group automatically.
  • This improves iPhone-compatibility as you can share contacts without shared the full "My Contacts" group.
  • To switch on this option go to "Edit" and redeploy your application with the desired settings.
  • Bugfix: Modifications of a shared contact did not get distributed to the subscribers under certain circumstances.
  • This could lead to broadcasting old contact data. This is fixed now.

Oct 18 2009, V4.95

  • Migration script added to migrate old datastore to newest CPU optimized schema.

Oct 17 2009, V4.94

  • URLEncoding of address books moved from Java encoding to a manual routine. Hopefully invitations to address books with special characters in it should work on all browsers now.

Oct 16 2009, V4.93

  • Google introduces some new bugs in the contacts API :-(
  • You may experience that contacts only get synced after very long time or may appear long time after sync in contact manager.
  • I'm trying to find someone at Google to have a look at this new "feature".
  • Bugfix: Under certain circumstances new subscribers added to an existing address book did not receive full contact list.

Oct 15 2009, V4.92

  • This release will reduce the CPU resources used for syncing contacts.
  • Google fixed some bugs introduced with the App Engine 1.2.6 backend. I've reverted the workarounds.
  • More CPU optimizations for syncing contacts.

Oct 13 2009, V4.91

  • Google changed App Engine behavior without warning. All shared contacts apps running on the new 1.2.6 backend will not work anymore. Update to this version to get a workaround.

Oct 9 2009, V4.9

  • New feature (experimental!): You can now turn on photo sharing to share the contacts photos (only available in full version)! I found a workaround how to do that even though there are some strange issues in the Google API in conjunction with App Engine.
  • For the brave ones: Please let me know if this works for you or if you find reproducible issues.
  • New feature: When creating address books you'll now get suggestions with your existing contact groups.
  • New feature: Users can be invited by email/password using a real password field. You can invite users from other domains or regular Google accounts so that you can sync your different Google accounts (Google voice etc.).
  • New feature: Context help introduced explaining in detail how to create address books or invite persons / groups.
  • Performance improvements: If no changes are made to any contacts at all, less CPU cycles will be consumed.

Oct 5 2009, V4.8

  • New feature: When logging in as admin you'll see a list of all address books created in your domain.
  • New feature: Users will get a hint how frequently contacts will get synced.
  • New feature: You can enable parallel contact sync. This will distribute changes to all of your domain users in parallel and will reduce the sync duration dramatically. This feature is available for large enterprises only.
  • Bugfix: When creating a new account Google sometimes returns an unknown error. On the next sync run the app will check if the contact has been created twice and will remove duplicates.

Oct 2 2009, V4.7

  • New feature: Suggestions will appear when you invite someone to an address book. The suggestions will support both your domain users and your contact groups (for group invitations).
  • You can search for your domain users by email, given name and family name.
  • New feature: Confirmation callback implemented for some actions like remove address book etc.

Oct 1 2009, V4.6

  • New feature: You can specify you own logo. If you want to use your domain default logo, please enter:
  • as your logo url. Replace yourdomain with your domain (e.g.
  • New feature: You can modify the help URL if you want to direct the user to your own help page.
  • New feature: You can specify a YouTube video-ID if you want to show your own video. When leaving this setting blank, no video will appear on the main screen.
  • New feature: You can reset the datastore when being logged in as admin. This will clear all entries in your datastore except the accounts and their tokens (so that they will not have to grant access when logging in after resetting the datastore).
  • New feature: The total number of shared contacts will be displayed when logging in as admin. The number is updated after each garbage collection (~ every 2 hours).
  • Bugfix: When inviting someone to an address book that already contains users and the user has already been member of an address book the contacts did not fully get synced. Hopefully fixed.

Sep 30 2009, V4.5

  • New feature: You can share system groups. To shared one of your system groups, please enter on of these address book names:
    "System Group: My Contacts" = The My Contacts system group.
    "System Group: Friends" = The Friends system group.
    "System Group: Family" = The Family system group.
    "System Group: Coworkers" = The Coworkers system group.

Please enter the names exactly. If you'll get a new group in your contact manager you made a typo

Sep 29 2009, V4.4

  • Bugfix: Syncing contacts with multiple postal addresses only synced one of the given addresses correctly.
  • Bugfix: When being logged in as admin, a new version notification was printed when no new version was available.

Sep 25 2009, V4.3

  • This is a maintenance release.
  • Syncing unilited number of contacts should work (Google contacts has a hard contact limit ~10000 though).
  • Bugifx for new bug introduced with 4.2 that caused to sync only first chunk of synced contacts (~20-50 contacts).
  • If you want to resync your shared group, please touch them by removing/adding them from/to the shared group.
  • Better error handling when invalid authentication data is provided.

Sep 24 2009, V4.2

  • Improved garbage collection for datastore cleanup. It will be able to clear more than 1000 unreferenced contacts from DB.
  • Added a switch to restrict the management of address books to admins only.
  • More than 1000 contacts can be synced.
  • Known issue: If you sync more than 1000 contacts, duplicates can occur on the receiver side. I'm working on a fix.
  • If you remove an address book, all subscribers will be deleted as well.
  • "null" error after deleting address book fixed.

Sep 23 2009, V4.1

  • Added garbage collection for datastore cleanup. This will remove all unreferenced shared contacts. Runs about every 2 hours.
  • Added minor and major version handling. A new major version installation has to be confirmed by making this the default application on appengine. Minor versions just need to be installed and will replace the current version.
  • Known issue: Currently only up to 1000 contacts will be synced due to this "feature". I'm working on a solution.

Sep 22 2009, V4.0

  • New sync engine based on Google Low-Level API. Should give less exceptions in the log file and hopefully some bugs should vanish.
  • Data will be synced in very little chunks so if App Engine datastore gives up while syncing it should scramble up your data.
  • Your datastore will be cleared on first login, so you'll need to recreate the address books and re-invite the subscribers in the shared contacts app.
  • You'll not need to remove groups or contacts in your contact manager. You can use just the same address book names as before if you like.
  • New update detection. If a newer version is available, you can go directly to the subscription portal and install it.
  • Unlimited number of shared contacts (or at least much more than today, time will tell).
  • Several performance and memory enhancements: You should be able to handle more shared contacts with the same app engine quota.