Getting started

Are you new to Shared Groups? This guide will help you to get started!

Keeping contacts in sync between different Google accounts may sound simple, but it is a technically challenging task.

Avoid duplicates

If you have the same contact in different accounts already and start sharing them, they will be treated as different contacts and you will end up with duplicates. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to clean up the contacts of all accounts before creating or sharing a group so that each contact that you want to share exists only in one of the accounts.

Be patient

The system needs time to sync the contacts, please be patient!

If you are sharing a group, it takes at least one synchronization cycle to distribute all contacts to all accounts.

You can easily confuse the system by deleting and recreating shared groups while the sync is not yet complete.

Removing subscribers from a group or deleting a group will trigger an internal garbage collection that may take some time.

So if something is not working as expected and you decide to start from scratch, please make sure to give the system time to clean up all the old data after removing a group before recreating the group. This may take some minutes or even hours if your group contained a lot of shared contacts.

Send out invitation emails

If you are inviting another account to your shared group, please make sure to invite the account by the email address that will be displayed after the user logged in to the application. Sending emails to any mail aliases will not work and will result in a message like

If you are sure that you've invited the correct email and your subscribers still get this message, please ask them to accept the invitation with a fresh browser. If you are logged in to another Google account with the same browser already, you'll also run into problems.

Enterprise edition

If you've installed the enterprise edition you are responsible for providing sufficient resources for the application on Google App Engine

You'll only get charged if you exceed the free quota and you'll only get charged for consumed resources.

If you are running out of quota the system will run into an inconsistent state that may produce duplicates, missing contacts and alike and it will take a lot of effort to clean up the resulting mess.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 2/28/18