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Contact Sharing Simplified

Welcome to the Contact Sharing Solution for GMail

Sync contacts between different Google and Google Apps accounts. Share contacts even across domain boundaries. Fully integrated into GMail. Organize shared contacts in multiple groups.

We have assembled a number of help pages to help new users getting started or to help experienced users to troubleshoot issues.

Please make sure to read the help pages carefully and try to troubleshoot any problems yourself before contacting our support.

Shared Groups

Share contacts between Google account

Shared Groups helps companies of all sizes since 2009.

We have been working hard on improving the reliability and usability of the application ever since.

Seamless Integration

Share contacts by simply adding them to a shared group right in GMail

Search and edit shared contacts exactly

in the same way as your personal contacts!

Hassle-free background synchronization

Sync Across Devices

Supports all Google Sync tools

Native sync with Android phones & tablets

Syncs with Outlook

Release Notes

November 27th 2018, v5.62

Migrated enterprise edition to Java 8

February 21st 2018, v5.61

Google introduced another bug in the GData Contacts API for Java. We found a workaround and patched the API sources.

October 1st 2017, v5.6

Replaced Google Channel API with Pusher Websockets.

June 23rd 2016, v5.55

Internal patch applied for GData API as a workaround for another issue that leads to expired access tokens

May 29th 2016, V5.54

Internal patch applied for GData API as a workaround for an issue in the API

December 11th 2015, V5.53

Using custom protocol types in IM field caused BAD_REQUEST error at Google's end due to an issue in the API

September 30th 2015, V5.52

Deletion of certain fields like birthday did not properly propagate to other users

August 10th 2015, V5.51

Workaround for OAuth2 issue. Instead of invalidating tokens, we now force a retry when Google servers return an internal error

May 10th 2015, V5.5

Migration to new OAuth2 API. Make sure to migrate your enterprise installation from the market using the Migrate button

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