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floreysoft provides support for Shared Groups, with help from contributors in the community.

We use a mixture of different platforms to provide support, so select an option below to determine the best way to get help.

Online Help Center

Before posting to the community, please make sure to read the documentation.

You will find a number of tips how to narrow down issues in our troubleshooting guide.


If you do not find any valuable info, please check the frequently asked questions.

Shared Groups Community

Still no luck? It is now time to join the Shared Groups community and check if someone has already posted a similar issue.

Create a post and describe your issue as good as you can. The more info you provide the better are the chances that someone will be able to help you.

Enterprise Support

If you need personal assistance creating you can sign up for a support contract.

Login to our Market and click on Get more apps and select Support to see the different support plans available. As part of the support plans we are able to help you fixing issues.

Report bugs

If you are sure that you came across a bug in Shared Groups and not just a problem in your domain, please report it to us so that we can fix it.

You will find a dedicated menu item in the Help menu called Report an issue to send us an email with a brief description of the issue.

[a]Hello. I have a problem with Shared groups for Gmail application. It is making too much calls for sendEmail and goes over quota and now it is not working. what exactly this app trying to send to my email?

in logs it looks like so:

F  GET 500 0 B 11 ms AppEngine-Google; (+ /sendEmail? GET 500 0 B 11 ms AppEngine-Google; (+ 5ca5d29500ff092bfbd1bd87420001737e7362636f72702d7367000135000100 - - [04/Apr/2019:12:47:01 +0300] "GET /sendEmail? HTTP/1.1" 500 - "AppEngine-Google; (+" "" ms=11 cpu_ms=18 cpm_usd=7.4766e-8 loading_request=0 instance=00c61b117c5ae08b9f14cfeb8253730a5139522df10685bfd9637dd68281e62a1d7688dd7472 app_engine_release=1.9.71 trace_id=706e9688d203cc6f9ec84aea71683549

please advise how to fix it.

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