November 2011

November 27 2011, V5.13

New feature: You can now specify a custom page where new subscribers get redirected to when accepting an invitation. You can for example redirect your users to the Google contacts manager after accepting an invitation instead of the Shared Groups application.

October 2011

October 12 2011, V5.12

Hotfix: Two bugs introduced with the latest release have been fixed:

All groups showed up twice

Errors when deleting groups or changing permissions

October 11 2011, V5.11

Optimized App Engine resource usage In preparation for the upcoming GAE pricing changes we are working hard to reduce the resources consumed. This is our first release with resource consumption optimized for the new pricing scheme.

New feature: Shared groups can now have multiple owners. Use the edit dialog to add or remove owners. This will also allow you easily to move address books from one user to another.

Bugfix: Users subscribing to tons of groups can now see all of them as we allow to scrolling in the list on the right-hand side.

August 2011

August 3 2011, V5.10

Bugfix: Tokens getting invalid should be reduced

July 2011

July 11 2011, V5.09

Bugfix: When deleting address books the garbage collection for each subscriber has not been triggered properly.

More logs to find the new "tokens invalid" bug. This bug seems to be introduced by Google+ but I've no clue yet what exactly they changed.

June 2011

June 29 2011, V5.08

New feature: The app shows subscribers with expired security tokens to the owner of an address book. By clicking on the icon an email can be sent out containing instructions how to renew the token.

Bugfix: Welcome dialog could cause exception.

June 21 2011, V5.07

Created new welcome dialog with guidelines for getting started and TOS.

Bugfix: Disabling the sync and reloading the app caused wrong sync status display.

June 1 2011, V5.06

Bugfix: Sending invitation emails could lead to "Unauthorized Sender" exception when using accounts with mixed upper- and lowercase emails.

Bugfix: Removing notes from a contact has not been shared properly.

Improved photo sync should reduce sync CPU cycles.

May 2011

May 18 2011, V5.05

Bugfix: When non-admin users tried to invite subscribers, this caused a bunch of 500er errors.

Bugfix: Large custom installations with more than 1000 subscribers supported.

New feature: A new permission mode "Edit only" will allow subscribers to edit shared contacts but not to delete them. The old permission "Can edit" has been renamed to "Edit and delete"

April 2011

April 26 2011, V5.04

Bugfix: A severe bug has been introduced with V5 that could result in removing shared contacts from private groups.

Visible change: A timer on will display the current sync state and the time until the next sync will run.

April 20 2011, V5.03

Sync can now be forced from Administration tab in the shared groups application.

Garbage collection can now be forced from Administration tab in the shared groups application. Garbage collection will remove all references in the datastore that are no longer used. If you want to start from scratch with your app, remove all address books and run the garbage collection to wipe your data.

Invalid security tokens will now cause a message in the app, asking you to refresh the browser page.

April 16 2011, V5.02

Bugfix: Switching from slow to fast synchronization could lead to no sync at all.

Bugfix: When security tokens expire, users will have to grant access to contacts data when logging in the next time.

April 9 2011, V5.01

More synchronization times available to reduce CPU consumption.

Bugfix: Adding subscribers by email / password could lead to broken synchronization. Fixed.

March 2011

March 10 2011, V5.0

Public trial version of V5 is online:

The application has been renamed to "Shared Groups" to avoid confusion with Google's domain shared contacts feature.

Leverages the floreysoft AppCore to provide better Google Apps integration.

New and improved user interface.

The "Add to my contacts" option can now be specified on a per group basis.

Sync frequency and management options can be managed from within the application, no need to redeploy the application

Installable from Google Marketplace, this will add "Shared Groups" to the universal navigation menu.

"Personal edition" available, no dedicated installation required.

Integrated into new floreysoft Market.

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