July 2012

July 11th 2012, V5.19

Recovery for apps running out of quota improved: Subscribers in distribution state will reset after a while

June 2012

June 18th 2012, V5.18

Hotfix: When adding subscribers by email/pwd, the subscriber has not been added to the proper circle.

June 18th 2012, V5.17

Circle management and migration improved/fixed

June 15th 2012, V5.16

Improved syncing when running on HR datastore

Reduced resource consumption for large multi-domain environments

May 2012

May 3rd 2012, V5.15

Hotfix: Fixed the sync issues related to the "No authentication header" issue

April 2012

April 27 2012, V5.14

Hotfix: Google again changed their platform without warning. The new version should fix the "No authentication header" issue.

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