December 2013

December 5th 2013, V5.40

Bugfix: Sharing new groups did not work due to a new bug introduced with V5.39, fixed

December 3rd 2013, V5.39

Photo sync speed has been improved, resource consumption reduced

Sharing a group that has already been shared by someone else now gives a proper error message

More use visible log entries

December 1st 2013, V5.38

Feature: Photo sync can be disabled to avoid contact photo overrides. This will also reduce resource consumption on Google App Engine

Feature: More user visible log entries to provide better feedback when experiencing any issues

Feature: Dedicated log entries for restore/revert operations when user is in read-only mode

November 2013

November 28th 2013, V5.37

Bugfix: The group count sometimes included deleted contacts so it was not matching the real number of contacts in the group

August 2013

August 11th 2013, V5.36

Bugfix: The new release will force a fresh sync to load the local group settings for all accounts

August 11th 2013, V5.35

Bugfix: Photo sync has been enabled again

August 8th 2013, V5.34

Bugfix: Shared contacts will now keep the local groups (like My Contacts) when getting updated

July 2013

July 4th 2013, V5.33

New feature: You will find a log in the admin tab providing realtime information about sync progress and problems

July 1st 2013, V5.32

Bugfix: User quota should not be reached, even when dealing with large number of contacts

Sync speed improved for large number of contacts

May 2013

May 3rd 2013, V5.31

Bugfix: Group picker now properly supports system groups

Bugfix: When sharing new groups all contacts get synced properly. In previous versions only contacts that have not been shared before have been synced correctly.

March 2013

March 20th 2013, V5.3

New User Interface

You can share multiple groups at once

Add subscribers to multiple groups

Send out notifications for all subscribers at once

Accept invitations for multiple groups

Realtime-notifications when state changes

March 1st 2013, V5.22

Bugfix: Token invalidation improved

February 2013

February 4th 2013, V5.21

Bugfix for new license handling

February 4th 2013, V5.20

New market integrated

Improved UI / Tooltips

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